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The Reagan/Republican revolution
The Reagan/Republican revolution
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We've had 40 years of the Reagan/Republican revolution, and the homeless populations across the country clearly illustrate its success.

The Rand Corporation did a study recently that determined in the last 40 years fifty trillion dollars of wealth has been transferred from the bottom 90% of the low income and middle class to the top one tenth of one percent. If you account for inflation wages are the same as in 1968, but the top .1% are $50 trillion richer; wage theft. No wonder the unhoused population continues to increase exponentially.

Noam Chomsky has described the Republican party as "the most dangerous organization in human history", for among other things, their unanimous global warming denial, and their shift towards fascism, and authoritarianism (e.g. CPAC, and Tucker Carlson's promotion of Viktor Orban's Hungary).

Republicans support corporate welfare, tax cuts for the wealthy, vote Democratic.