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My Lai poster
My Lai poster
offset lithograph
24" x 18"

Exhibited: University Art Gallery; Wurster Hall; Student Union, University of California, Berkeley, CA ; EAT, New School Art Center, New York, NY; and the Stedelijk Museum, cloakroom, Amsterdam, 1970; The Sixties Project Presents Decade of Protest: Political Posters from the United States, Cuba and Vietnam, 1965-1975, Track 16 Gallery, Los Angeles, CA, January 19-March 9, 1996; All of Us or None: Social Justice Posters of the San Francisco Bay Area, Oakland Museum of California, Oakland, CA, 2012

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Lincoln Cushing interviewed for the Heyday Books blog, March 21, 2012.

"Is there a poster/graphic artist that resonates with you more strongly than others?"

"There are so many, all of them powerful in their own way. One that I think is remarkable is a poster made during the 1970 Berkeley workshops by Jeff Kramm [figure 3.43 in book], using a distinctly and disturbingly erotic image to question the role of university military training (ROTC) in an unpopular war. The artist was afraid to put his name on it for fear of reprisal by ROTC students, and it was only recently that my research revealed his name. It brilliantly meshes arresting original art with clever, satiric, and provocative text." www.docspopuli.org/AOUONcat/detail.np/d…