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pay by check (contact jeffkramm@gmail.com), PayPal, or through direct donation to MftH, |https://www.missionforthehomeless.org/donate|
Tank Grenade Gay
digital image
11" x 23"

Signed, vintage prints of the 1970 poster, jeffkramm.com/artwork/868490-My%20Lai%2…, available for $50 which includes mailing.

The $50 will be donated to the nonprofit Mission for the Homeless, Inc. (MftH); www.missionforthehomeless.org.

You can pay by PayPal (above), check, or money order; mail to: Mission for the Homeless, P.O. Box # 7194, Oakland, CA 94601-3023).

Or, if you wish, through direct donation to MftH itself, www.missionforthehomeless.org/donate. If you donate directly, notify me at jeffkramm@gmail.com along with your mailing address, thanks!